Eight Tips for A Better Nights Sleep🌙😴

I have struggled with sleeping at night for YEARS. I would wake up throughout the night multiple times or have trouble falling asleep. Especially during stressful times in my life, I used to find myself getting very little sleep throughout the night. So, I wanted to get a post together with some things that I do to help calm my mind at night and help me to get the best nights sleep I can.

1.) ZzzQuil Pure Zzz’s- THIS STUFF wow I literally can’t recommend it more. It seriously has helped me to sleep through the night so much better than I ever have before. It’s non habit forming and I don’t feel like I need it to sleep, but I definitely think its helps so much. Theres also no next day grogginess at least from my experience. It also has Chamomile and Lavender in it which also promotes healthy sleep. I obviously am not a doctor so I would say consult with your physician before you start using this, but the main ingredient is melatonin and one gummy is only 1 gram so its a super minimal amount.

2.) Oil Diffuser + Lavender Oil– I love to turn on my oil diffuser at night before I go to sleep. I have been using THIS lavender oil and have also been loving THIS oil. Lavender oil has a ton of benefits including research that has shown it is useful in treating anxiety, depression, insomnia and restlessness and it also smells AMAZING.

3.) Face Masks+ Chamomile Tea– I found THESE face masks a while back and they are soo relaxing and smell so good. I try to do this once a week usually on a Sunday before the work week starts. A face mask and a cup of Chamomile tea seriously is the most relaxing thing! Anything warm at night is soothing and promotes sleep (just make sure its caffeine free!)

4.) Keep a humidifier running at night. This has helped me especially in the winter months when the heat makes our house super dry. You can get one for relatively cheap on Amazon too! I recently purchased THIS one and its worked really well so far!

5.) Invest in THIS noise machine. It is not super expensive but I definitely saw a-lot of cheaper ones around and I have not had good luck with them. This one hooks up to your phone and you can control it from there. I never thought I would be a noise machine person either. A few months back when I was traveling for work I was in a hotel that was super loud with the city streets right below me and the noise machine was a life saver! Now I cant sleep without it.

6.) Go to sleep at the same time each night. This really helps in regulating your sleep cycle. Even on weekends. I know its not always doable but if you can try to go to sleep within the same hour each night I really think this has helped me so much.

7.) Use a heating pad- this sounds like it may not work but THIS one I purchased is filled with rice and Lavender and it smells so good once you heat it up in the microwave. I think its so relaxing to use before bed!

8.) My last tip and probably one of the most important ones is to ditch the phone and TV at least a half an hour before bed! Basically, the blue light from your phone overstimulates your brain and interferes with the production of melatonin in your brain which is the hormone that helps your body sleep. So if you are lacking in melatonin, which is usually why people cant sleep, changing up your routine of watching tv and looking at your phone before bed may help!

Weekend Sales ‼️

This has been the laziest Saturday ever so far and I kind of love it! We have just been sitting around and its such a nice break from our normally very busy weekends. I have been browsing some of the current sales and there are SO many good ones. I have been stocking up on comfy clothes and some cute Spring staples. I promise to never complain about having to dress up once this quarantine is over LOL. I listed some fun sales out below for you guys to shop!

Abercrombie & Fitch– 30% OFF ENTIRE SITE


Banana Republic-50% OFF + EXTRA 10% OFF

Bloomingdales– 25% OFF FRIENDS & FAMILY

Express– 40% OFF ENTIRE SITE

Gap– 60% OFF SELECT ITEMS + 20%

Nordstrom– UP TO 40% OFF

Old Navy– UP TO 60% OFF

Natural Beauty Hacks using Household Products🥥🎀

So I know a lot of us are stuck at home and looking for something to do so I wanted to share some of my at home beauty hacks with products most of us keep in our homes on a regular basis.

1.) Cinnamon + Honey + Coconut oil Hair Mask– I swear by this hair mask! Melt the coconut oil, add in a little honey and some cinnamon and put it on your scalp. The cinnamon will help to stimulate your scalp and promote hair growth! Make sure to wash it out good after and I usually put some deep conditioner on the ends after!

2.) Coffee grounds + Coconut Oil Scrub– Okay so this stuff is my most recent discovery. It’s a little messy, BUT it really helps to smooth your skin. Mix up some ground up coffee and coconut oil. The coffee grounds are great since they have caffeine in them it helps to almost wake your skin up and can help with cellulite!

3.) Castor Oil + Mascara Bottle – I have been using THIS castor oil on my lashes for years! I found a way to make it a little less messy too. I purchased THESE little mascara bottles on amazon and put the castor oil in them. It makes it super easy to put on your lashes. Castor oil is also great to put on your eye brows and scalp!

4.) Witch Hazel + Tea Tree Oil + Rosewater Facial Astringent– I started making this to help with my oily skin and Acne. I mix equal parts witch hazel and rose water and then I add a few drops of tea tree oil. I keep this in a spray bottle and spray it over my face at night and in the morning. Its also great to spray over your makeup throughout the day almost like a setting spray and its super refreshing!

My Tips for Keeping your Immune System up🍊🥑🥦

So let me just start by saying I am not a Doctor, Nutritionist or someone who studied health and wellness. I can tell you thought that since I was in high school eating healthy and keeping my immune system up has always been an interest of mine and I have done countless hours of research and have had a ton of trial and error throughout the years.

With everything going on in the world today, I thought I would share some of the things I have done to keep my immune system up in order to try to keep myself healthy.

1.) The first change I recently made to my diet was drinking 16 oz of celery juice every morning on an empty stomach. Yes, I know this sounds absolutely terrible but I have adjusted really well to it and actually enjoy how refreshing it is. If you follow the Medical Medium he is the one who promotes this and people have had great outcomes from drinking it. Some of the benefits include the high amounts of vitamin C and K, Cancer prevention, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, promotes weight loss and hydration, it can help with acne and digestion issues and SO many other things. I have also felt way more energized and I don’t crave a sugary treat as much as I normally do. I bought THIS juicer recently and have been loving it.

2.) Vive Organic Immunity shots or really any immunity shots have been my other go to. Some of them do not taste great but they have a lot of natural ingredients that promote immunity such as lemon, ginger and turmeric. I saw that they have been selling like crazy but you can purchase them HERE or get on the wait list on their website.

3.) Taking Vitamins year round is also key! I currently take a multivitamin, vitamin E, B complex, biotin and I take Zinc every other day. I have been reading up on how important Zinc is recently and it helps with so many different things one of them being immune health. Biotin and vitamin E are also another combo that I take for skin, nails and hair.

4.) Getting regular exercise is also crucial in keeping your immune system up and running! Not only does regular exercise help to decrease your risk of developing heart disease, but it also may help to flush bacteria from your lungs in turn, reducing your chance of getting a cold. It also helps your white blood cells circulate more rapidly. WBC’s are in charge of fighting disease, so they faster they circulate the sooner they will detect disease and start fighting it off. For at home exercise during the current time I have some free weights, a jump rope and an exercise ball. I also use fitness apps such as BBG and Pop Sugar Fitness.

5.) Lastly, I have been testing out Elderberry gummies and I cant say that they live up to the hype or not yet as I have only been taking them for about a month now, but my primary care doctor recommended them so I am giving them a shot. I previously used to swear by Emergen-c and still do take it when I feel a cold coming on or when I travel!

Stay at Home Date Night Ideas🍷

My Husband and I normally use Saturday night to go out and get some dinner and drinks somewhere so we wanted to come up with some fun date night ideas from home! I have had the week to brainstorm some ideas and thought this would be the perfect time to share with you guys!

1.) Homemade Pizza night! This is a super fun idea to do on any night of the week. My husband and I are planning on doing a pizza competition this week. We have done homemade pizza many times before and you can always call up your local pizzeria and ask them to set aside some pizza dough for you and you can go pick it up so no need to go to the grocery store. We are planning on using some toppings we already have in the house to avoid leaving.

2.) Cocktail Competition- so we are doing this tonight and I will share with you guys! So we each have to make a cocktail with ingredients we already have in our house and whoever comes up with the best drink idea wins! Just get some shaker bottles, ice, and a few other ingredients and you are all set. You can get creative with this too- like use some leftover fruit you have in your fridge! You can also do non alcoholic drinks too!

3.) Bake something- I just purchased some Donut pans linked HERE on amazon the other day and I am planning on making some healthy almond flour donuts to have on hand for breakfast this week. We figured this would be our Sunday activity!

4.) Breakfast for Dinner date night. So I have SO many eggs in my house right now so I thought it would be such a fun idea to do breakfast for dinner one night. You can do omelets with left over veggies, potatoes and some OJ!

5.) Do some at home workouts together! its always fun to have a workout partner. My husband and I normally go to the gym together so I thought it would make working out a little more fun if we did it together. I have been signing on to youtube on my TV and finding free workouts to do!

6.) Netflix and chill. This is an obvious one but pour yourselves a glass of wine and binge watch some shows! Our favorites recently have been Ozark, Cheer, Narcos, Dexter and Dead to Me!.

7.) Learn a new dance for TikTok- or just for fun! I am still trying to convince my husband to do this one. If we are stuck in the house long enough I think it will happen!

8.) Play a game! I have heard so much about THIS game and ordered it to play in the coming weeks. I also heard a ton about the game Taco Goat Cheese Pizza silly name but according to reviews people have been saying to not let them name fool you!

Spring Vibes in this Gorgeous Dress 🌸

1.STATE DRESS [wearing a size small | HONEY HEELED SANDAL (these are sooo comfy!]

So I would like to say its safe that Spring is here but I don’t want to say that quite yet! New Jersey has had a history of changing its mind weather wise REAL QUICK 🙄. I wanted to share this dress with everyone that I picked up over the weekend. Its sooo dainty and gorgeous and the material is just so light and airy in person. Its so cute and simple to throw on in the coming warmer days!

Linked up all the outfit details!