Amazon Prime Day‼️

Amazon Prime day is such a good time to get household items + fashion items and many other things because the prices are SO good. Usually a lot of the deals are “lightening deals” and either the items run out or the deal expires. I linked up a few items I have that are included in the Prime Day sale that I own and also included some items that I ordered today and will be updating this post as I find items on sale!

Designer Inspired👠👜🕶

I love a good designer piece but sometimes these items are expensive! and not to mention super trendy and sometimes they go out of style fast! I treat myself every so often to a designer piece but usually anything I purchase is a classic item that I will be able to use for years to come not something that I wear for one season and never wear again.

I searched so many places for some good designer inspired pieces! These items all have that “designer feel” for a fraction of the price. One of my favorite items is the Bottega Veneta shoes and handbag! I ordered a pair of these shoes a while back off amazon- they were about $50 and I really didn’t think they would be that great but I was wrong! They are sooo good they literally look identical to the designer pair (compared to I think like $1200-$1400 depending which pair you get) so I ended up getting them in another color. Another item that I actually have the authentic version of is the beige and gold hardware Chanel bag. I LOVE this bag and it was actually the last collection Karl Lagerfeld did with Chanel before he passed away so I really wanted this bag- but I found a really good dupe to it that is an awesome option. I have a few items from the boutique that sells this bag and the quality is really good and the prices are very fair. I included the links to each item below!

Revolve Summer Looks👚👡

Malone Cut out Dress in Navy (linked to the Navy dress here also comes in Pink)
Mika Cut out Tee in White | Free People Destroyed Jeans (both Jeans and my top are linked here and below!)

One of my favorite places to shop for high quality + on trend styles is Revolve! I have been shopping here for YEARS and I am always so happy with everything I get! Some of my favorite brands are carried here like like Superdown, Free People, Lovers and Friends and soo many others. I find myself always browsing through Revolve’s website when I have a special even coming up (they have some of the cutest and most unique dresses) I linked up a few of the recent items I got in just in time for Summer!

Newborn Favorites👶🏻

I wanted to round up some of my favorite newborn products we have used over the last 3 and half weeks! I would by no means call myself a pro but during my pregnancy I found it so helpful to read what people had to say and their opinions and reviews on products. I felt this helped me make decisions with what I wanted and what I should and shouldn’t splurge on. These are also awesome items to add to a baby registry since a lot of them are on the pricey side!

Snoo Bassinet– okay this one is quite an investment BUT I will say this was worth every penny for us! We feel really safe putting Luke to sleep in here every night since they have built in swaddles and are attached to the sides of the bassinet so they cant roll over. There is also an option to rent this bassinet but we ended up purchasing it since it has a really good resale value + if we do have more children we would be able to use it again.

Uppa Baby Vista Stroller– we LOVED that this stroller came with a bassinet attachment for when babies are small we actually use this as a second bassinet downstairs during the day (they also sell a bassinet stand that goes with this) and this also converts into a double stroller. It also is very easy to use + fold up and super durable!

Nuna Pipa lite lx Carseat– I tried out a few carseats and ended up going with this one because it is the lightest carseat out there. I had trouble lifting most carseats that I couldn’t imagine lifting one up with a baby in there. This one is 5 lbs (most others are around 10 lbs) and also has an adapter to hook in with the Uppa Baby Stroller.

Mamaroo Swing– I heard mixed things about this swing but we love it! It really depends on your baby but this swing has so many settings and even a built in noise machine that you can hook up to you phone

Owlet Sock– This is another item I was told I didn’t “need” but we have loved this so far! Being a new mom and first time parent you worry about your baby non-stop. This helps to ease some of those worries. It monitors the baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels using a little sock that is rechargeable.

Dock a tot– a baby lounger is an absolute must have! I love how pretty these ones are and also love that I can easily move it from room to room.

Portable sound machine– I actually purchased two of these so I can keep one in the car and one in the house. We have this attached to the bassinet we keep for naps downstairs. This was also something that was on my hospital bag list!

Love to Dream Swaddle– we tried out a lot of swaddles and this one has been a favorite! Its easy to zip up and Luke loves it! It also allows for baby’s hands to be up instead of tied down which some baby’s prefer.

Baby Brezza- okay this thing is AMAZING. If you plan to formula feed at all this thing is the best. This makes nighttime feeds sooo easy. This is a great item to include on your registry!

Fathers Day Gift Guide 👨🏻‍🦱

1.) Massager | 2.) Apple iwatch | 3.) Power Washer | 4.) Charging Station | 5.) Whiskey Glasses Set | 6.) Traeger Grill | 7.) Yeti Coolers (large one HERE) (Small ones HERE)

Amazon Dress Try On👗

Over the years Amazon has become one of my favorite places to shop! It’s really hit or miss and I try to read reviews before I purchase anything but someones some of items just don’t work out. I recently tried the Amazon Prime try before you buy and LOVED it so much. You have a week after your order arrives to decide if you want to keep the items you ordered before they charge you- and the package even comes with a prepaid return label so easy!

I will link up my favorite items from my most recent order. Lots of sun dresses for summer! With a new baby dresses have been my go to for feeling put together and being comfortable. I will link everything below! Everything is also under $50! Most items are closer to the $25-$35 price point which is amazing especially for such cute items!