Newborn Favorites👶🏻

I wanted to round up some of my favorite newborn products we have used over the last 3 and half weeks! I would by no means call myself a pro but during my pregnancy I found it so helpful to read what people had to say and their opinions and reviews on products. I felt this helped me make decisions with what I wanted and what I should and shouldn’t splurge on. These are also awesome items to add to a baby registry since a lot of them are on the pricey side!

Snoo Bassinet– okay this one is quite an investment BUT I will say this was worth every penny for us! We feel really safe putting Luke to sleep in here every night since they have built in swaddles and are attached to the sides of the bassinet so they cant roll over. There is also an option to rent this bassinet but we ended up purchasing it since it has a really good resale value + if we do have more children we would be able to use it again.

Uppa Baby Vista Stroller– we LOVED that this stroller came with a bassinet attachment for when babies are small we actually use this as a second bassinet downstairs during the day (they also sell a bassinet stand that goes with this) and this also converts into a double stroller. It also is very easy to use + fold up and super durable!

Nuna Pipa lite lx Carseat– I tried out a few carseats and ended up going with this one because it is the lightest carseat out there. I had trouble lifting most carseats that I couldn’t imagine lifting one up with a baby in there. This one is 5 lbs (most others are around 10 lbs) and also has an adapter to hook in with the Uppa Baby Stroller.

Mamaroo Swing– I heard mixed things about this swing but we love it! It really depends on your baby but this swing has so many settings and even a built in noise machine that you can hook up to you phone

Owlet Sock– This is another item I was told I didn’t “need” but we have loved this so far! Being a new mom and first time parent you worry about your baby non-stop. This helps to ease some of those worries. It monitors the baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels using a little sock that is rechargeable.

Dock a tot– a baby lounger is an absolute must have! I love how pretty these ones are and also love that I can easily move it from room to room.

Portable sound machine– I actually purchased two of these so I can keep one in the car and one in the house. We have this attached to the bassinet we keep for naps downstairs. This was also something that was on my hospital bag list!

Love to Dream Swaddle– we tried out a lot of swaddles and this one has been a favorite! Its easy to zip up and Luke loves it! It also allows for baby’s hands to be up instead of tied down which some baby’s prefer.

Baby Brezza- okay this thing is AMAZING. If you plan to formula feed at all this thing is the best. This makes nighttime feeds sooo easy. This is a great item to include on your registry!

Fathers Day Gift Guide 👨🏻‍🦱

1.) Massager | 2.) Apple iwatch | 3.) Power Washer | 4.) Charging Station | 5.) Whiskey Glasses Set | 6.) Traeger Grill | 7.) Yeti Coolers (large one HERE) (Small ones HERE)

Amazon Dress Try On👗

Over the years Amazon has become one of my favorite places to shop! It’s really hit or miss and I try to read reviews before I purchase anything but someones some of items just don’t work out. I recently tried the Amazon Prime try before you buy and LOVED it so much. You have a week after your order arrives to decide if you want to keep the items you ordered before they charge you- and the package even comes with a prepaid return label so easy!

I will link up my favorite items from my most recent order. Lots of sun dresses for summer! With a new baby dresses have been my go to for feeling put together and being comfortable. I will link everything below! Everything is also under $50! Most items are closer to the $25-$35 price point which is amazing especially for such cute items!

Nordstrom Sale Picks👚

Happy Saturday! I saw one of my favorite retailers had a ton of really good stuff added to the sale section recently so wanted to share some of my favorites! This stuff sells out FAST! Some of the shoes are actaully new this season so I was surprised to see a lot of them on sale already! The braided sandals and heels are a favorite of mine for this season! Hope everyone is enjoying their mothers day weekend! 🙂

Hospital Bag Checklist✅

I asked you guys a few weeks ago what hospital essentials are needed when having a baby and I got so many good responses and things I never would have thought of! I included a checklist above that you can print out and use since I know some stuff will be thrown in your bag last minute. Obviously everyone is different and will want/need different things but I think this is a pretty good list of basics! Once baby boy is here and I experience everything first hand I will be sure to update you all on what I used! I linked everything I packed below!

For mom:

  • robe
  • blanket- you probably don’t need this but I like to be comfy with my own
  • pillow-I personally am not brining mine but I know a lot of people choose to!
  • Cozy cardigan- I’m brining my barefoot dreams one
  • Pajamas
  • Nursing Bra’s and Tanks- I heard its good to have both with you. I also know people bring a nursing pillow I personally am not since it’s just one more thing to bring.
  • Slippers and Socks! I got slippers for $11 on amazon (linked below) and will probably just throw them out since I will be walking around a hospital in them.
  • Refillable Water Cup- My giant Yeti cup is the BEST
  • extra clothes, going home outfit- i am just brining a casual dress to throw on
  • Nipple butter and Nipple shields- I have heard breastfeeding is PAINFUL and the nipple shields help. I also am brining THESE Silverette Nursing Cups you can read more about them on their website but I have heard amazing things about them!
  • Postpartum supplies- I wont go too much into this but I linked the Frida mom kit I got below. The hospital usually has supplies for you but I have heard it’s more comfortable to bring your own.
  • Personal items like Chapstick, body lotion, deodorant, toothbrush, makeup wipes, Dry Shampoo, Hair brush, and hair ties-things along those lines whatever makes you feel comfy!
  • Stroller Fan- I have heard its good to have this to clip to your bed!
  • Oil Diffuser- this may be something a little different then most but I LOVE essential oils so I am bringing a diffuser with me with essential oils.
  • Clear makeup case- I packed all my chargers in clear cases so my husband can find stuff easily for me if I don’t feel like getting up LOL

For Baby:

  • onesies
  • going home outfit
  • Baby book- brining this so we can get his foot stamped!
  • Pacifier- some people wait on this but our hospital doesn’t supply so I am bringing one.
  • Swaddle- the hospital may have this already but we are bringing the Ollie swaddle
  • Baby Blanket
  • Custom Name sign for announcement pictures
  • Car seat Cover- bringing this almost as a shield for when we leave the hospital

Misc Items:

  • extra long phone charger
  • Nightlight- bring the Vava one linked below
  • Snacks- I am sure the hospital has snacks but I am brining liquid IV for myself and some other healthy snacks
  • portable speaker for music
  • Amazon Firestick- to watch Netflix
  • White noise machine – i heard this is a MUST for at night with baby in the hospital and also for the car ride home

Guacamole Spiced up 3 Ways🥑

In honor of Cinco de Mayo tomorrow (and because I really love guacamole) I am sharing my guac recipe and 3 ways that I spice it up a bit! I get this may not be for everyone so the original recipe is SO good too! I have had my fair share of guacamole over the years and have found that it seriously can taste so good even making the non original recipe. Some of the things I do to make it fun! I add something sweet- I have had it with pomegranate seeds but I made it with some chopped up pineapple and strawberries and it was really good! It adds the perfect amount of sweetness. I also added Feta to another version and my personal favorite- the Everything Bagel Seasoning and cucumber. This is so good on a hot day! I don’t include exact measurements below becuase it really depends on how many avocados you use and how much of each ingredient you like in it!


  • Avocados (depends how many servings I usually use 6-8)
  • Diced onion (red and white both work i usually use white)
  • Chopped Jalapeno pepper(i use one pepper you can adjust this to taste)
  • Chopped Cilantro
  • Fresh Lime Juice (I use an entire lime)
  • Diced Tomato (I used two small tomato’s for 6-8 avocados)
  • Salt and Pepper to taste


  • add in some strawberries and Pineapple chopped up (or any fruit!)
  • Feta Cheese sprinkled on top (its so good!)
  • Everything Bagel Seasoning and Cucumbers (this is my fav)

Mix the above ingredients together and serve with Chips, carrots and celery or anything else you like!