Austin Texas Travel Guide

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My husband and I recently spent a long weekend in Austin, Texas and it was such a vibrant and fun city- not to mention the AMAZING food. We absolutely love to see new places and try the different foods each city has to offer so we were really in for a treat! I am going to split this post up because its going to be a long one. So in this post I will be talking about our favorite restaurants. I will also do a post on things to do/places to stay in Austin next week so stay tuned! Austin is definitely known to be more of a party city. There were tons of bachelor and bachelorette parties going on which was so fun to see- and if you know me you know I talk to EVERYONE so I obviously had to join in on the fun and talk to all of the bride to be’s. Austin was named one of the top up and coming cities that millennial’s are moving to. I also learned that there are TONS of tech companies located in Austin, there are so many new job opportunities in the city as well.


We ate at some really great places, but I will give you guys my favorites! Texas is known for their BBQ and their Tex-Mex. I will be honest with you BBQ has never been a favorite of mine. I will eat it but don’t love it. But since we were in Texas, you know we had to try some good BBQ.

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Lunch/Brunch Places

Caroline– this was probably my favorite place. The atmosphere was SO cute and it is located right downtown in a really good locations, so it is easy to get to from wherever you are. The food was really good as well. They had a lot of Texas staples on their menu as well as some classic items such as Pancakes which my Husband had and they were sooo good. I had the Huevos Rancheros which was something we saw at a lot of places in Austin. It was really fun to see how each restaurant had a different take on the dish. The other thing I loved about this place was that they were not only a restaurant, they had a full bar upstairs in a really cute setting and they are also a coffee house. This is definitely a must if you are visiting Austin!

Josephine House– We came to this place for Sunday Brunch and it was so cute! I didn’t love the location of it since it was not walking distance from our hotel, but the food was really good and the place was very quaint. They had a really cute outdoor patio to eat on with heat lamps and umbrellas so this place is so perfect for a Spring day in Austin.

Terry Blacks BBQ– We were told this was the best BBQ in Austin so we had to try it! There is also Franklin BBQ but the line there is CRAZY always so we went to Terry Blacks instead. For not being a BBQ lover this place was pretty good. My husband and I split some Brisket and a few sides. The atmosphere of the place was really casual and a great place to bring kids.

Dinner Places

Lamberts– We went here our first night in Austin and we LOVED it. I preferred this to Terry Blacks personally because I am all about atmosphere when I go out. Its located right downtown so it was walking distance from our hotel and was decorated so nicely inside. The food was also AMAZING. I loved that the portions weren’t huge- but definitely big enough to the point where I couldn’t finish my meal.

ATX Cocina– This was my favorite place we ate at in Austin. It is an authentic Tex Mex restaurant. They serve there food in a Tapas form or small plate form so you can order 4-6 items off the menu and they bring them out to you in courses. We had a ton of fresh fish and empanadas and not to mention their margaritas (heart eyes!) they were soooo good.

Emmer & Rye– This restaurant is located in the Rainey Street district of Austin. This area is known for all of its bars that were once actually homes and converted into bars. It is such a cute area! This is a farm-to-table small plates restaurant. The portions are not huge but they are all so well made and absolutely delicious. Their menu is also seasonal with nightly specials so they use the absolute freshest ingredients which is something I love and truly believe it can make or break a meal! Some of the items we ordered were cauliflower butter and bread, caramelized beets, homemade rigatoni, short ribs and a chocolate mouse for dessert!

Coffee/Breakfast Tacos

So Texas is apparently known for their breakfast Tacos. In New Jersey this is not something you come by often, but in Austin any place that sold breakfast food had some type if not multiple types of breakfast tacos. Hey, I am definitely not complaining at all about this I would eat tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could lol! Some of our favorite coffee places were Houndsooth Coffee, Radio Coffee and Jo’s Coffee (this is the place with the famous “I Love You” mural. For breakfast Tacos our favorite place was Torchy’s Tacos! There was also Salt Lick Tacos and Taco Deli which are places to try as well.

Honeymoon Pictures in Hawaii!

As many of you know I recently traveled to Hawaii for my honeymoon! Hawaii was absolutely breathtaking and one of my favorite parts was waking up to see the sunrise and watching the sunset each night. We decided to do some photos with an amazingly talented photographer Love + Water. They do some really cool stuff with their shoots and I loved their work because it was so different then most of the other stuff you see out there. They specialize in Land and water shoots. So basically at our shoot we were able to take some photos in the water as well as on the sand.  I was so happy with the way they came out!

I just wanted to share some of the images with you guys! I would highly recommend doing a shoot at sunrise if you plan on honeymooning in Hawaii! It is such a great way to remember your trip and the sunrises are are so light and amazing nothing like we ever see here on the East Coast.  I will be posting my Hawaii travel guide next week so stay tuned and see below for some of my favorite images from our shoot!


Casual Outfit In Napa Valley

It’s me again talking about our trip to Napa! I can’t stop because it was seriously SO amazing.

While I was packing for Napa I was really confused about the weather there. When I would look at the forecast the temperatures ranged from the 40’s to the mid 80’s so it was’nt very easy to know exactly what to pack!  I tried to pack pretty versatile things- this Leith dress from Nordstrom and Jean Shirt ended up being PERFECT for the weather in Napa. I also paired this outfit with some booties. I ended up wearing the jean shirt in the morning and when we went to lunch but by time 2pm hit it was 80 degrees out and I tied it around my waist and it still looked super cute. This look is really easy to replicate too with any type of bodycon dress and a jean shirt. You can even pair it with a checkered flannel and solid dress or the other way around! I love super easy to copy, cute and comfortable outfits and this is definitely one for you! This dress also comes in sooo many different colors and is only $55. It also comes in a long sleeve option which I love for the colder months. I will link it for you guys below!

Dress: HERE

Napa Valley Travel Guide

Hi Everyone!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I just returned from my honeymoon and one of the stops was in Napa Valley! It was absolutely amazing there to say the least.

To start of, we flew direct into San Francisco and rented a car through the on site Enterprise at the airport. From there we drove to Napa. It’s about and hour and a half drive from the airport but we decided to go out of our way a little and stop over at the Golden Gate Bridge which I defiantly recommend if you haven’t been to San Francisco before.

Once we arrived in Napa at our hotel, Hotel Yountville they told us our room was immediately ready for us which was amazing so we would get to change and get out to the vineyards ASAP!  I will touch on our hotel a little- it was so nice and very quaint and cute exactly how I picture a hotel in Napa to me. They had an amazing pool and the Spa staff was incredible we went for massages our first full day there and the staff was great.  Our room had an extra large king bed, a huge bathroom and each room had a very large patio. At no time did I feel the hotel was over crowded even though I believe the hotel was almost fully booked during our stay. The hotel also had a car that would drive you to dinner each night which was very convenient.  The hotel had a pool, fire pits and a bar which we would visit each day after we were done at the vineyards we toured. I will post some pictures below!

This was our huge king bed at the hotel!

The pool and Fire pit at the hotel- the bar was also right near here as well

Every room had a fire place in it! We ended up using it most nights after dinner when the temperatures would drop down to the mid 40’s

We went to 6 different Vineyards and each had something different to offer. My Favorites were Joseph Phelps and Stags’ Leap. They Tour at Joseph Phelps took place on the terrace and you got to look out over onto the beautiful Vineyards.  Stags’ Leap was also very different because the tasting included an interactive 90 minutes tour with some pretty generous wine pours along the way LOL! It was very interesting to hear what happened to Napa during prohibition and the history of the estate in which has stood there for over 100 years.  We also visited some othr Vineyards which included Cakebread Cellars, Caymus, Chandon, and Darioush.  Check with your hotel before hand too because a lot of hotel have deals with the vineyards for a free tasting or some type of discount.

Some Dinner and Lunch places I would highly recommend are Farmstead at Longmeadow Ranch, PRESS Steakhouse and if you are looking to splurge on an AMAZING dinner one night I highly recommend the Restaurant at Auberge Du Soleil. the menu is price fixed and on the expensive side but its worth it! If anyone has any questions about Napa I would love to hear from you just leave a comment or email me!