Casual Outfit In Napa Valley

It’s me again talking about our trip to Napa! I can’t stop because it was seriously SO amazing.

While I was packing for Napa I was really confused about the weather there. When I would look at the forecast the temperatures ranged from the 40’s to the mid 80’s so it was’nt very easy to know exactly what to pack!  I tried to pack pretty versatile things- this Leith dress from Nordstrom and Jean Shirt ended up being PERFECT for the weather in Napa. I also paired this outfit with some booties. I ended up wearing the jean shirt in the morning and when we went to lunch but by time 2pm hit it was 80 degrees out and I tied it around my waist and it still looked super cute. This look is really easy to replicate too with any type of bodycon dress and a jean shirt. You can even pair it with a checkered flannel and solid dress or the other way around! I love super easy to copy, cute and comfortable outfits and this is definitely one for you! This dress also comes in sooo many different colors and is only $55. It also comes in a long sleeve option which I love for the colder months. I will link it for you guys below!

Dress: HERE

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