My Wedding Photos!

OKAY the day is FINALLY here! My wedding photos are here. I was soo excited when I received my pictures. It was almost as good as my wedding day. Getting to see everything from the day of the wedding in photos was amazing because it truly is so hard to take it all in on the day of your wedding. As much as I tried it is truly so hard to get to say hi to every guest and get to dance and eat all at once. A lot of people say they didn’t eat a thing or didn’t dance the entire night of their wedding, and that is something I was absolutely not going to let happen! I ate my entire dinner, I ate at my cocktail hour and I also have never danced so much in my entire life. My legs hurt for a few days after LOL. 

Anyway, we had thousands of pictures from the day of and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you guys! Please feel free to email or comment with any question. I will also do a post about the entire planning process at some point if anyone would be interested! I also linked my robe, slip, Bridesmaid robes and dresses below!

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