5 Items I use Daily❣️

Daily Planner– I have a monthly planner as well but there wasnt enough room for me to write what I had to do daily in there. I feel SOO much more organized having this and I am such a visual person i like to check things off as they are completed so this makes me feel so much more accomplished.

Aerie Offline Leggings– I wore these my entire pregnancy and now after. They are really stretchy and also so comfy. I love that they are also really affordable- I reach for these everyday so I like to have a few pairs incase one of them is in the wash! They also come in a bunch of colors and cute prints too!

Yeti Cup– Another must have for me. This is the reason why I drink so much water. I fill this cup with ice water and some lemon a few times a day and for some reason it just tastes better out of this cup LOL.

iwatch– So long story short I lost my watch a few months back and I realized how often I used it and how much I missed it when I didn’t have this. I mostly use it for tracking my steps and workouts but its good to have to see if texts/calls are coming through if I don’t have my phone on me.

Silk Hair tie– I have been using these for years. This is a less expensive version of the slip silk ones. I tie my hair back with this at night and keep one downstairs during the day. I like these because they keep my hair smooth and crease free!

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