Baby Items we use Daily?

Space Saving Bottle Drying Rack – I hate cluttered counters and this makes my kitchen look neat even though there are usually a bunch of bottles drying!

Kyte Baby Footie- these are SO soft. They are a little on the expensive side for a baby onesie- around $32 but they are so soft and lightweight for summer.

Boudreaux’s Diaper Rash cream- we have tried a bunch of diaper rash creams and this one has been the best! I also just got the one with aloe in it to try out!

Bumco Bum Bum Brush- if there is one thing you must have for a new born its this! Instead of using your hands or putting diaper cream directly on the diaper this can be used to apply any diaper rash creams. I bought so many of these and keep them anywhere we might be changing a dirty diaper- car, baby bag, bedroom definitely a must have and its only a couple of bucks.

Hatch Baby Scale/changing pad- this changing pad doubles as a scale and its soo genius! It hooks up straight to your phone and its also super easy to clean and doesn’t have any material on it that you cant just wipe up. That was a must for me with a changing pad I wanted to be able to clean it easily!

Lovevery Play mat- I love that this can be used for your baby’s entire first year since most baby products they grow out of so fast. This set included black and white cards, mirror cards and teething rings and can be used for tummy time!

Bib Pacifier- These have been our favorite! It will likely vary from baby to baby so I suggest trying out a few brands of pacifiers but definitely give these a try!

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