Hospital Bag Checklist✅

I asked you guys a few weeks ago what hospital essentials are needed when having a baby and I got so many good responses and things I never would have thought of! I included a checklist above that you can print out and use since I know some stuff will be thrown in your bag last minute. Obviously everyone is different and will want/need different things but I think this is a pretty good list of basics! Once baby boy is here and I experience everything first hand I will be sure to update you all on what I used! I linked everything I packed below!

For mom:

  • robe
  • blanket- you probably don’t need this but I like to be comfy with my own
  • pillow-I personally am not brining mine but I know a lot of people choose to!
  • Cozy cardigan- I’m brining my barefoot dreams one
  • Pajamas
  • Nursing Bra’s and Tanks- I heard its good to have both with you. I also know people bring a nursing pillow I personally am not since it’s just one more thing to bring.
  • Slippers and Socks! I got slippers for $11 on amazon (linked below) and will probably just throw them out since I will be walking around a hospital in them.
  • Refillable Water Cup- My giant Yeti cup is the BEST
  • extra clothes, going home outfit- i am just brining a casual dress to throw on
  • Nipple butter and Nipple shields- I have heard breastfeeding is PAINFUL and the nipple shields help. I also am brining THESE Silverette Nursing Cups you can read more about them on their website but I have heard amazing things about them!
  • Postpartum supplies- I wont go too much into this but I linked the Frida mom kit I got below. The hospital usually has supplies for you but I have heard it’s more comfortable to bring your own.
  • Personal items like Chapstick, body lotion, deodorant, toothbrush, makeup wipes, Dry Shampoo, Hair brush, and hair ties-things along those lines whatever makes you feel comfy!
  • Stroller Fan- I have heard its good to have this to clip to your bed!
  • Oil Diffuser- this may be something a little different then most but I LOVE essential oils so I am bringing a diffuser with me with essential oils.
  • Clear makeup case- I packed all my chargers in clear cases so my husband can find stuff easily for me if I don’t feel like getting up LOL

For Baby:

  • onesies
  • going home outfit
  • Baby book- brining this so we can get his foot stamped!
  • Pacifier- some people wait on this but our hospital doesn’t supply so I am bringing one.
  • Swaddle- the hospital may have this already but we are bringing the Ollie swaddle
  • Baby Blanket
  • Custom Name sign for announcement pictures
  • Car seat Cover- bringing this almost as a shield for when we leave the hospital

Misc Items:

  • extra long phone charger
  • Nightlight- bring the Vava one linked below
  • Snacks- I am sure the hospital has snacks but I am brining liquid IV for myself and some other healthy snacks
  • portable speaker for music
  • Amazon Firestick- to watch Netflix
  • White noise machine – i heard this is a MUST for at night with baby in the hospital and also for the car ride home

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