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As a mom with a small child and a cat who sheds A LOT as well as a dog it is so difficult for me to keep my house clean. Our home has wood floors throughout, so this adds on another problem- a lot of cleaning products and cleaning equipment are just not meant to clean wood floors. After doing a lot of research (not kidding like HOURS) I came across the HIZERO F803 so let me introduce you to this MAGICAL product.

So to start I needed something wireless. I did not want wires and cords all over the place and trying to plug things in and move from room to room but I also wanted something that would hold charge form more than 20 minutes. The HIZERO does both plus soooo much more! Another thing I really dislike is having to use multiple pieces of equipment to clean. With wood floors I would find myself first vacuuming and then mopping and then having to wait for the floor to dry (if you have kids and pets you know that this is a hard task haha!) With the HIZERO you get all of this in one. It integrates sweeping, mopping, and self cleaning all in one. I should also mention that it is safe to use on tile, sealed wood floors and laminate (so you don’t have to have only wood to use this device)

The HIZERO has a unique built in water flow system as well so the roller pressing against your floors is always cleaning with fresh water. I included some photos above but another really unique thing about this device is it has a seperate area for solid and liquid so cleanup and maintenance is so simple. You can empty the dry tray out and then separately empty the liquids. There is also a function that stops the machine and alerts you when one of the trays is full so you know when to empty it.

Does anyone elses pets/kids hate the sound of vacuums and loud cleaning appliances? That is an issue we have with our dog and cat. They are TERRIFIED of the sound of the vacuum so I really wanted something with low noise. The HIZERO has the lowest noise level in the current market. When I tell its extremely quiet it really is. My pets were not bothered by it one bit.

Overall, the HIZERO is efficient, convenient and very lightweight and easy to maneuver. I even use it while carrying my 25 lb one year old who refuses to sit still. So if you like easy and fast cleaning and a product that actually works this is for you! Going to link the HIZERO for you guys HERE! It is also on Amazon Prime so a little added bonus that you get fast shipping and all the accessories are sold there as well. Or you can find it at a store near you if you prefer to support a local business click HERE to see where it is sold. I am so excited to see how you guys like it!

*Thank you to HIZERO for sponsoring this post

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