Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Happy Sale Day everyone! This sale is probably one of my absolute favorites of the year because all of the items that are on sale are new arrivals AND most of them are for the upcoming fall season. Usually with most sales its items that are already from last season and usually not new arrivals. So the fact that this sale is all items that start off as being on sale and then eventually go back to being full priced.

I will say though these items all sell out FAST. Before I was a cardholder it was really hard for me to get items I loved so I highly recommend becoming a card holder so you can shop the sale early. Non-Card holders will be able to shop next week! And you totally don’t have to use the card for the sale you just have to have the card. I was able to start shopping the sale on Wednesday so I’ve had a ton of time to go through everything and pick out a few of my favorites!

Some of the best items to get during the sale that I stock up on are basics- like the BP T-shirts found HERE and the Zella Leggings linked HERE! Some other items I get are beauty products that never go on sale and they also have and AMAZING selection of shoes this year which I was so excited about! I linked all my top picks and items I think will sell out super fast below!

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