Trending For Fall: Sweater Vestt

One of my favorite things about the seasons changing is the new trends that come out! I love to see the new trending items each season bring. I was thinking back over the years trying to remember all the different fashion trends and the one that stuck out to me most (and probably back then one of my favorite trends) was the colored jeans trend! Do you guys remember that? Also the sequin bags! I would beg my mom in middle school for a new sequin bag anytime we would go by Claires in the mall LOL.

This season one of the trends I was honestly unsure of at first was the sweater vest trend. When I saw it on high fashion models I thought it might be hard for me to pull off. Then I started to experiment a bit and found a few ways to wear these vests that I actually LOVED! I think its all about playing around with different items and making them work for you! I linked up a few sweater vests in different price ranges below!

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