My Casual OOTD

PEARL BEADED SWEATER (Similar HERE & HERE) | HIGH WAISTED PANTS (Size down in these on sale $29) | NUDE HEELS (Similar HERE) RAY BAN SUNGLASSES | PURSE: Chanel Wallet on a Chain |

Who else love high waisted pants?!🙋🏻‍♀️ I LOVE them because I have a long torso and shorter legs so i love that they make my legs look soo much longer then they are. These pants are on sale for $29 today and come in two colors. They also come in petite sizes which is what I got and they were the perfect length.

Okay, on to my sweater!! These pearls are seriously 😍😍 I cant get enough of them. I have worn this sweater so much this season and I don’t see an end in sight (considering we still have MONTHS of cold weather left🙃 trying to stay positive! I linked a few different pearl sweater options below all of which I have and LOVE. H&M has been amazing lately the quality for the price is definitely one of my favorite things! Everything is linked below!

Valentines Day Looks Part II

So this is Part II of my Valentines day looks! I wanted to give everyone a bunch of different options because I know not everyone dresses up for the holiday. These are the more formal options of my two posts. If you are looking for more casual looks I put up a blog post with some fun mix and match looks HERE.

I tried to focus on fun floral dresses for this post and they are all at different price points so there is something here for everyone! I have been LOVING the sheer sleeve look lately. I got THIS dress and paired it with some black pumps and a red look and I thought it was simple yet elegant enough to wear to Dinner and it’s also under $120. I also love a cute floral dress you can’t go wrong! I linked each of the dresses below

Valentines Day Mix and Match Looks

See Below for Links to each Item

With Valentines Day right around the corner I wanted to give you guys some casual outfit options. I love that all of these pieces can easily be worn for Valentines Day and transitioned into your spring wardrobe. The skirts would be so cute paired with some tights like THESE Gucci ones I purchased back in November. I have gotten so much use out of them and they really add a little something to a simple look. Another thing you can do if you are in a cooler climate is throw a leather or suede jacket on over one of these looks I have THIS one and love it. I wear it all the time and it matches with so much. I have also had my eye on THIS one. I love that it is a lighter cooler and can be easily matched with some nude pumps.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it helpful! I have linked each item below for you to shop.

HydraFacials & Their Benefits

The machine used for the Hydrafacial. It has different serums inside that are used for different steps in the process.
At the spa! Dr. Ackerman and Jennifer who did my Facial
After my Facial- my skin feels so good!

If you follow me on instagram you saw that I had an AMAZING Hydrafacial today. So I really am not into the whole “spa” facial experience. I don’t love having different oils and clay masks applied to my face, but at the same time I do love when my skin is glowing and a relaxing (but relatively quick experience- i’m a busy gal! and I am sure many of you are too) So with that being said, my Hydrafacial was quick, relaxing and made my skin soo soft and not to mention the fact that its also GLOWING. Jennifer at Cor Med Spa did my facial and I love that she explained each step and made the experience so relaxing. I got a few messages on my instagram asking if the facial hurts. The answer is absolutely not one drop! I am the biggest baby with pain and this is a painless relaxing experience and there is no down time after the facial. Your skin is instantly more smooth and radiant. This is also an awesome facial to get in the winter because of how hydrating it is!

Everyone at Cor Medical Spa was so helpful and welcoming. They have a waiting room, with coffee, tea and info about different procedures. In addition to Hydrafacials, they also offer a ton of other services including, Botox, Fillers, Cool sculpting, vampire facials and so many other procedures! In addition to my Hydrafacial, I also had my “baby botox” done! Dr. Ackerman did my botox and it did not hurt one bit! They numb your skin before too so it doesn’t hurt at all. I am the biggest baby with needles and I barely even felt a pinch. I got a small amount in my forehead as a preventative measure.

I hope this post was informative and if you have any questions please leave a comment or reach out to me on instagram @tnstyled! You can also call Cor Med Spa to schedule an appointment at #973-567-6969

Pearl Sweater Look

Hi Friends!

I was so excited to share this sweater with you and when I went to go post it, I saw it sold out 🙁 SO I do have another one that is SUPER similar to this and also around $35 ( I did see it was on sale for 15% off so it comes to just under $30) I have probably said this over and over again but I LOVE pearls lately. I thought this was such a fun and easy look to recreate for the winter months I will link all outfit details up as well as a few other sweaters that I have been loving!

Cozy Winter Looks

JCREW PARKA [comes in a ton of sizes!] | OTK BOOTS | JEANS
TEDDY COAT | LEGGINGS [these are the best!] | SUNGLASSES

I have been getting to the point where I am REALLY getting over the cold weather but I have a feeling that this is only the start. Hopefully I am wrong- but I figured I would do a roundup of some of my favorite Winter outfits that I have worn so far this season. I am SO into pearl and sweater dresses this season! Pearls have been my go to- I swear the second I see a sweater that has pearls on it I have instantly felt the need to get it. Not mad about it though!

My other favorite item, sweater dresses have been the best Winter “going out” outfit (lol I consider going out going to dinner.) They are so easy to throw on with a pair of boots. Now that it has been a little cooler, I have been wearing a pair of tights with my sweater dresses as well. All of my outfit details are linked!

Hope everyone has an amazing Friday and weekend!