Baby Feeding and Teething Essentials

What did you think the hardest part of your little ones first year was? For us it was for sure teething and we are still in it right now. I know I talked about this in a post a few months back but my son started teething very early on. He was about 2 months old when he first started and his first tooth came through shortly after and then another tooth and we have two more coming in. SO teething is HARD and It has to be painful for these little babies.

We try to give things that will give this guy the most relief possible. We found that the Kidsme teether was one of his favorites. We always keep this teether in the fridge and give it to him when he seems to be getting a little fussy and he always loves it! There are little pictures of animals on the teether its so cute! He will usually spin the teether in circles and look at each animal and the colors. You can get it off amazon linked HERE.

Another item we love is the KidsMe food feeder. It is made out of silicone and we have found it to be way easier to clean then the mesh feeders. I also love that this one is so easy for babies to hold on to with two little handles and it also comes with a cover so it’s easy to bring with you. We love bringing this with us if we are out to eat or at friends homes since it keeps him occupied for so long. In addition to putting thicker purees in here we also sometimes freeze fruit and put it in the feeder and this helps so much with Teething. It also helps to introduce solid foods to babies and get off of purees. We also love it since Luke cant take a giant bite or anything and eases my mind with choking risks. I will link it HERE if you want to try it out!

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