My Experience With Modsy 3-D Design service

this was the overhead 3-D design. We used this as a start for how we wanted the room set up. It helped so much to see it from above and in 3-D!
our current space.
our finished room. this is the 3-D image of the design me decided to go with and LOVE how it came out.

I posted over on my instagram stories the other day (@tnstyled to follow along) talking about my recent dilemma. A little backstory here. We moved to a new home back in 2020 and basically brought no furniture from our previous home. We were moving from a condo with not much space, to a two story home so most of the items we owned we did not have a good spot for in our new home. SO that meant buying everything new and with delays in shipping and so much furniture out of stock that really did not leave us with many options. I jumped to make a few purchases that ended up not really working in the space I got them for. I initially thought maybe I would use the design services some furniture stores provide but this issue with this is you have to purchase everything at the specific store which I did not want to do. This brought me to Modsy, an online interior design service.

I wanted some help redesigning some of the spaces in our home and I did not want to spend a lot on hiring a designer and I also have very limited time. With a baby and a full time job I don’t have much time for anything else. So I signed up for Modsy and the process was seamless and easy. I got to pick my package and went with the premium package. Next, I took a short quiz that went through which room I wanted help with, who lives in our home (this is important because for us we have pets/baby so we needed a baby/pet friendly space) the dimensions of the space and what my personal preference with style and design is. This took a total of about 15 minutes if that. Next, I uploaded photos of our space and current furniture. I was then connected with our designer who was incredibly helpful. She asked which pieces of furniture I would like to keep, what I wanted to get new and gave me a few options with the layout of the room. I also sent in dimensions of our current furniture so she could assure it fit in the space. There is also the option of video chatting with your designer so they can get to know you better but it is not required.

From here, I was able to go back and forth with my designer. She gave me a few layout options (pictures above) and once I decided on a layout we went to finalizing the furniture and decor. I love that everything is 3-D because it really helps you envision exactly what your room will look like. There is even an option that you can click and see a total 360 degree view of the finished room! In addition to this, the design options are endless since you get unlimited revisions. If you don’t like something all you have to do is say it and your designer will create a new design.

I know sometimes budget can be a concern since furniture is not cheap! With Modsy, you are able to choose the price range you want to spend on certain pieces. Let’s say for example you want to spend a little extra on a high quality couch but you want to save on decorative pieces like rugs and lamps. All you have to do is choose the price range you feel comfortable spending and your designer will stay within that budget. I felt that this was a great option and did not make me feel pressured to spend a ton on everything,

In conclusion, Modsy is an amazing service that I felt not only helped me get a professionally designed room, but also a room that fits our families lifestyle and budget. I could not recommend their service more. I will include a link HERE to sign up so you can get started with your 3-D design too!

**thank you to Modsy for sponsoring this Blog Post**

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