How to Keep Your Sweaters Like New

Let me start by saying I am the worst person every when it comes to laundry. Ask me if something should be dry cleaned, washed on delicate, washed in cold water…I literally could not tell you. One thing I do know and learned the hard way probably more times then I’d like to admit is to never put your sweaters in the dryer. Never. Most of you probably already knew that already but for those laundry newbs like me. Just don’t. do. it Fast forward a few years later I have definitely learned a few tricks along the way with how to keep my sweaters looking new.

1.) First and foremost hang your sweater on a drying rack to dry! Like I said earlier this is probably like beginner level laundry rule but figured I would keep this as number 1 since there may be some of you out there like me that might not have known this LOL.

2.) Use a special wool and cashmere shampoo. I honestly don’t normally do this unless the sweater is made out of wool or cashmere. For those sweaters I would suggest soaking in a a wool shampoo like THIS one and just not even putting it in the washing machine since the material is so delicate on most sweaters made out of these materials. You can also use a spray to freshen up your sweaters. I like this one linked HERE.

3.) Have you ever heard of a fabric shaver? Me either until recently. We have a tufted headboard on our bed and for some reason the fabric was pilling and someone suggested a fabric shaver and it got the job done! Then I found out one of the main things these fabric shavers are used for are sweaters! Seriously this thing is like magic. If you ever have pilling on any of your clothes this will get your clothing looking like new again. I have THIS one.

4.) Fold your sweaters. This one is new to me as well. When you hang your sweaters the delicate fabric can stretch out and pull. This in turn will make your sweaters loose their shape so its better to neatly fold them in order to get them lasting as long as possible. You can get an organizer like THIS one to put in your closet instead of hanging your sweaters up on hangers.

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