Iced Coffee Hack

If you haven’t tried this easy Iced Coffee Hack yet you have to try it out! Its first of all SO easy to do and requires minimal effort. I recently switched from using my Nespresso machine to the Moccamaster Coffee Pot (i will link it below) and LOVE it. So a few reasons why I decided to part ways with my Nespresso- don’t get me wrong I do still love it but I usually drink more than once cup of coffee so I really wanted to be able to make a pot of coffee rather than spending a ton buying individual pods each month. I also love that I can get coffee beans from my local coffee shop and make my coffee using those.

I also wanted to be able to make enough to have extra to store for iced coffee! I usually make a little extra each day and then add it to a mason jar to have later on in the day which is hack number 1. Hack number 2 though is probably my favorite game changing hack! Take your extra coffee and pour it into an ice cube tray and freeze it. Add the “coffee cubes” to your iced coffee the next day and you can say goodbye to watered down iced coffee!

I still usually like to use coffee that is cold already this is such a good and easy hack. I am not a sweet coffee person so I just add my coffee cubes and Iced coffee to my favorite cups (i will link those below too) and then I just add a little milk. So delicious!  Iced Coffee Hack

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