Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

HAPPY SALE WEEK! This week has been a CRAZY sale week and it kind of feels like Christmas Morning haha! I wanted to create a blog post that you could reference back to throughout the #NSALE in case you want to see if items are restocked or just wanted to see some of my favorites! I included some items that I think are worth buying during the sale.

There are always so many great products on sale at Nordstrom during the anniversary sale and a lot of these items you don’t normally see discounted. I especially like the beauty deals this year. A lot of Charlotte Tilbury and hair tools are on sale as well as my favorite Elemis cleansing balm.

Moving on to shoes and clothes- there are UGGS on sale! If you have had your eye on these RUNNN because i promise you these will sell out extremely fast. I also saw a lot of trendy Fall items on sale that I will be picking up when I can shop tomorrow. I do like to get a few trendy pieces every year that I normally don’t like to spend a ton of $$$ on but do still like to have them in my closet so this is the perfect time to buy them since they most likely won’t go on sale again and if they do it won’t be until after the season is over.

Lastly, if you are in the market for any big ticket baby products (uppa baby stroller, Doona, High chair) now is your chance! These items are rarely on sale and now is the time to get them. I anticipate these items selling out extremely fast too so don’t sleep on these deals.

Hope everyone is able to get their hands on some of their favorites at good prices! Make sure you are following me on Instagram (@tnstyled) as I post real time updates there!



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