Easy Grilling Hacks

If we’re being honest here I have never been much of a griller. My husband mark usually does most of the grilling at home. We lived in a condo for many years and sadly we weren’t able to have a grill there. Fast forward a few years we moved to a house with a yard and the first thing Mark did was go out and buy a grill.

He decided on a Traeger grill and we have had it for 3 years now and LOVE it! I was a bit hesitant at first since the grill is a smoker as well so I wasn’t sure how I was going to like it. It has been so easy to use though and everything always comes out great. There is a feature that allows you to stick a probe in whatever you are cooking and see the temperature on your phone. I am always one to overcook meat so this was a game changer.

Anyway- a few hacks we recently learned and started doing. First, when you make your hot dogs place an ice cube on top of each hamburger when you put them on the grill. Once the ice cube is melted allow the burger to cook for another minute and flip them. The ice cube helps the burger to stay juicy and they don’t get dried out. In turn, you get a perfect burger every time!

Next hack we recently started doing is lemon slices on the the grill when we cook fish. I show exactly how we do this in the video below but basically just slice up lemons or really any citrus fruit and place the fish on top. The fish gets a nice lemon flavor and comes out delicious. AND no sticking to the grill!

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