Summer Grilling Hack

Summer Grilling Hack

Since Summertime is here I had to post some of my favorite easy grilling hacks I learned recently! I have never been great on the grill- my husband Mark usually does the grilling over here! So I decided to do a little bit of research and found some really great hacks that I feel like really helped a lot!

This hack involves skewers! It makes it easier to soak any bamboo skewers too- especially when making shrimp and chicken they won’t stick to the bamboo skewer as much. I usually soak the skewers for a good half hour before to assure they are soaked enough. Another thing I usually like to do is use some non stick spray.

Using two skewers is the trick here! I posted the full video below but using two skewers instead of one helps to keep the chicken (or hot dogs or shrimp) from curling up and it also makes it way easier to flip! This hack can be used for pretty much any type of meat that usually curls up on the grill and is hard to flip. Watch the full video below!

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