Grilled S’mores

Grilled S'mores

This is the perfect treat for your next camping trip! Or backyard “camp out” I love this because you can grill these or put them over a campfire. AND these are so easy to prep ahead of time to bring with you on the go. I find it easiest to use a disposable tin for easy cleanup.

These are so easy to make too! Take your disposable dish, add in a bag of mini marshmallows, hershey chocolate (or you can also switch this out for chocolate chips) and graham crackers cut up. I usually like to do a few layers- I did two here but you can also do more. I find that you get marshmallow and chocolate in every bite when you make it this way.

This is also such a fun way to make s’mores especially for kids! Its a little change from your typical s’mores and something new!

So grab your ingredients, fire up the grill, or your campfire and enjoy this sweet treat!

Grilled S'mores

Grilled S'mores

Grilled S'mores

Course Dessert, Snack


  • 1 bag mini marshmallows
  • Graham Crackers
  • 2-3 bars Hershey chocolate (more if you like)


  • Add all of the above ingredients to a disposable tin (makes for easy cleanup!) Start with a layer of graham crackers broken up into bites sized pieces.
  • Add in the mini marshmallows and Hershey's chocolate and then repeat this once more so you have two layers.
  • Grill or warm up over a firepit for a few minutes (keep checking making sure the bottom doesn’t burn once the edges start to brown remove from heat) Enjoy!

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