Adult Capri Sun

Adult Capri Sun

Are you guys ready for these fun “Adult Capri Sun” drinks? I think this might be by new favoite way to drink some drinks this summer!

This a fun and refreshing twist on a childhood favorite that’s perfect for those warm, sunny days. To make this, start by choosing your favorite alcoholic beverage. I chose some regular rum as well as some Coconut rum. This is so easy. You just have to mix everything and fill these cool resealable pouches I found on Amazon (I will link them below!). Seal the bag and chill. Try not to add ice as it will water down your drink so I normally just will place each pouch in a bucket with ice. Once chilled,  grab a straw and just stick it in the little hole that’s already there. Reminds me of the juicebox pouches we used to drink as kids (except this drink is much better haha!)

You also can fill these pouches with whatever drinks you like. Or you can fill it up with a non alcoholic drink for your kids (maybe some lemonade?) Just a fun way to serve some Summertime drinks!

Adult Capri Sun


  • 1 cup rum
  • 1 cup coconut rum (Malibu brand is my fav)
  • 4 cups mixed berry juice (simply makes a really good one that also comes in a light version)v
  • 2 cans small pineapple juice


  •  In a pitcher, combine the rums and juices and mix together well.
  • Pour the mixture into the bags and chill in the fridge over ice. (try not to add ice to the drink it will water it down)

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